Crisis In Ferguson,mo.

We Interrupt you’re daily programming for this special bulletin,It’s Just In Michael brown Jr. and His Accomplice Dorian J. Brown

HAs Robbed The COnvience store and stolen $49.88 Box Of Swisher Cigars and roughed up the convience store owner on west florissant In Ferguson,Mo. and Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Has Shot Suspect Michael Brown To Stop The armed Robbery In Progress and Dorian Johnson,His Parents Michael Brown Sr.,Lesley McSpadden HAs Invited PRotesters Out Of Town In the City Of St. Louis,Mo.And Dallas,T.X. And Also Brown’s Accomplice Drian J. Johnson,Brown’s Parents Michael Brown Sr. Ad Lesley McSpadden Has Confessed Of Being the Masterminds Of the Looting,Vandalism,Property Damage At Quik Trip,Zisser Auto Tire,Taco Bell,Beauty Town,AUto zone,Meineke,Wal Mart,McDonalds,Hibbet Sports,Shoe Carnival,Foot Locker,Beauty Supply,Sams Meat Market,WalGreens,DTLR,Sprint,Dobbs Tire and Auto On West Florissant In Ferguson,mo. and I Repeat Accomplice Dorian J. Johnson,Micheal Brown Sr.,Lesley McSpadden has Confessed to being masterminds Of the Looting,Vandalsim,Bruglaries,Property Damages On All small businesses On West Florissant In Ferguson,Mo.